On the edge of the shadow, shapes are not distinct.
They flow and ebb; they get fuzzy.
One is never quite sure whether one is in light…or in darkness.

Astrala (in one of her more coherent moods)

The Edge of Shadows was an Iron Oak Audio Show intended as an eventual podcast. It featuring talk, stories, news, interviews and strange (strained?) humor in the world of the astral. The story is a few years dated and talks about the Florida Pagan Gathering back when it had just moved to the Ocala National Forest. If you are familiar with the festival back then, some of the comments might seem familiar.

The story was not finished. The author (me) got very busy at work and simply could not spend the hours recording, editing and composing the music. However, I enjoyed doing it and would like to finish the story. Now that I am retired, I should have plenty of time to finish it, right? Tell us what you think! Should this continue it or should we let sleeping ghosts fade away? Send your comments to the blog address on the last page. Someone from this world will read it. No guarantees on the other one, they seem a bit...well...distracted.

Would you like to listen to it? If so, download the MP3 file or the IPod compatible M4B audiobook file. Instead of downloading the file, you can just click the streaming audio and listen to the strange exploits into the mysterious world of the astral.

The story is about two people who decide to start a podcast. They got lucky and developed enough readership that one of the advertisers suggested that they get a professional studio. The advertiser is Dan, the Mojo Man, a slightly strange medical doctor, herbalist and Voodoo practitioner who has built a considerable empire of mojo clinics across the United States and is expanding to Europe.

The podcasters, however, found that building a studio was a little too difficult. So, they decided to build their studio on the astral plane and avoid all those pesky local building codes. With the help of Dan, the Mojo Man, they learn a meditation visualization technique that seemed so real, that it brought into question the meaning of reality itself. We only know what we sense of reality by our physical senses. A dream can seem real, sometimes so real that it is like a substitute for reality itself. So, tune in and learn the secret of the astral plane; the mysterious Freddy clock in Studio B, the invisible piano and those who were already there.


Episode Title Ready to Download?
1 "Diving Headlong into the Astral" Yes
2 "Brand Spanking New Studio!" Yes
3 "This Place is Weird!" Soon
4 "Where has Bella Gone?" Soon
5 "What are these strange people?" Not Completed
6 "What a revolting place this is!" Not Completed
7 "Ashes to ashes, rust to rust." Not Completed


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Episode 1
Episode 2


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