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Coven of the Black Candle

Lord Paraselu started the Coven of Black Candle in 1996 and it is the longest running coven within the Church of Iron Oak. Since that time, we have practiced traditional witchcraft as well as practical modern magick.

Approximately, 80% of our coven meetings are held during ritual in sacred space. One of the most important of our studies is learning about the ancient Gods and Goddesses, the herbs, animals, and magickal rituals associated with the Deities; from Babylonian, Sumerian, Voodoun, Egyptian, Celtic, and Native American, to name just a few. We study, write about, and practice the magicks of old as well as the new. In short, Black Candle is pretty eclectic in its studies as well as its practice.

Some of our practices include energy work, chakras, reiki, kitchen witchery, incense making, healings, protection spells, etc. In Black Candle, the mind, body, and the spiritual are all inclusive. To be healthy and happy, you must take care of all three… and we do this with practical-modern-everyday witchcraft and magick!

To learn more about the Coven of Black Candle, please email Lady Neart below and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Iron Oak Coven membership requires completion of the Iron Oak Outer Court classes and Affirmation. If you would like more information on Iron Oak, Outer Court or the groves or covens, please feel free to call us at (321) 722-0291 or email us by clicking the image below to open an email form. You must have an email program installed on your system for this to work.

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