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As we look up to the sky and see the bright shining moon, we see the same moon that our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Yet, the moon appears different to each person. For many of our ancestors, the moon was the Goddess. Her smile warmed their hearts and they felt part of the universe. The sun was their God and his bright glow and warmth protected them from the cold.

For others, the sky was the God and the earth was the Goddess or the God was the stag in the woods and the Goddess was the bird in the sky. Each of us has a different notion of deity. No one has the sole correct understanding. No one is the ultimate authority. Instead, each of us is the authority of what has the most meaning to ourselves.

We are Wiccans and our faith is in both Goddess and God. For each, the concept is unique, but we share in the belief in the sanctity and beauty of life.

• Wiccans do not perform black or baneful magic. We believe that your actions have consequences and what you do will return to you three-fold. We are bound by the Wiccan Rede, to “harm none” in that which we do.

• Wiccans do not sacrifice animals in ritual. Most of us love animals, many of us are vegetarians because we do not wish an animal killed for our food. We see deity in all life, including animals.

• Wiccans do not worship Satan or any devil. Satan is an entity in Christianity. We have no such concept in Wicca just as there is none in Hinduism, Buddhism, the Native American religions or any other pagan religion.

• Wiccans do not perform 'black masses'. These are parodies of another religion and we respect all positive faiths. Our celebrations are of the beauty of nature and life.

Early in 1990, Iron Oak began as a teaching coven and since then has grown, given hundreds of interested people a chance to understand what Wicca is. Iron Oak began as a Wiccan church located in the Melbourne-Palm Bay area. We have basic classes in Wicca called the Outer Court. When a new member completes the classes and affirms to the church, they may ask to join one of the Iron Oak covens. As an alternative, one can be a general member of the church without affiliation to a coven. Iron Oak has workshops and groves where interested Wiccans may learn more. If you wish to learn more about us, please feel free to call (321) 722-0291.

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About Iron Oak

About Wicca

About ATC

Describes Iron Oak and its covens and groves.

Dicusses Wicca as it is taught at Iron Oak.

Tells about our mother church.


Further training is available to students of our Outer Court. Covens and groves are available that represent a variety of traditions and paths within Wicca. Iron Oak Coven membership requires completion of the Iron Oak Outer Court classes and Affirmation. During Outer Court classes you will in have the opportunity to be introduced to the leaders of the covens and groves and learn a little more about their traditions.
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