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At Church of Iron Oak we follow the Smith Path. We are transformed by the work that we do. Our-hands on workshops can provide you with the opportunity to craft sacred tools within sacred space.

Our upcoming workshops are listed below. For more information, please call (321) 722-0291 or click the image below to open an email form.

Next Workshop

Horoscope Jewelry Workshop

Date: April 11, 2015 10AM through 3PM
Cost: We're sorry, this workshop is full. Please drop us an email for the next workshop.
We hold annual Horoscope Jewelry Workshops for those who want to make a matching gemstone horoscope bracelet and necklace set, and a separate one for those who only want to make a bracelet. The workshop for the Jewelry Set is from 10am to 4pm, with an hour's break for lunch. The workshop for the Bracelet Workshop is usually 1-3pm. Payment holds your space, and all workshop participants must be prepaid if you wish to attend. No refunds. I will contact anyone who signs up to get more information.
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Future Workshops

The Iron Oak Athame Makerís Workshop

For more than two decades, Iron Oak has hosted the yearly Athame Makerís Workshop. This workshop provides Pagans with the opportunity to make their own athame knife in ritual space. Our Guild smiths can help you make your athame either by heating and hammering steel on an anvil or casting molten bronze or brass in a sand mold. Our turners will also help you make a wooden handle on a lathe. Final assembly is completed before the end of the workshop. The workshop is over a weekend for a full Saturday and Sunday in February. In 2015, the workshop will be the weekend starting Friday evening, February 6th.

The workshop starts with the Opening of the Forge ritual on the preceding Friday night. The Opening of the Forge is another popular event even by itself. If you are a guild smith, a workshop attendee or an interested follower of the old ways, you are welcome join us in the official Opening of the Forge Ritual. During this ritual, you will have the opportunity to see the consecration of Utunnu, the sacred forge and participate in hammering a metal piece on the anvil.

Please register early, because we can only have three attendees in the workshop in order to provide the best assistance by the smiths of the Iron Oak Guild of Govannan. Registration must be complete with payment to insure enrollment.

For more information and for a registration form, please feel free to call us at (321) 722-0291. You may instead email us by clicking the image below to open an email form. Note that you must have an email program installed on your system for this to work.

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