The Elements

Poem by Roger Paraselsu Coleman

Artwork by Lady Dragonstaar

Air is the breath, the cool wind from the East
That cools the fevered brow;
Inspirational vapor that blows in the mind,
Bringing the What and How.
Fire is Passion, the love that is hot,
The warmth two bodies feel;
The birth of concept, the Forge of Will,
And the future the flames reveal.
Water is pure, washing away the grime,
Of dark negativity;
The maiden bathes, with spring-fresh rain
And loves triumphantly!
Earth is the mountain, old and strong,
old as the hills and wise;
Earth is the treasury of gems and gold,
And the place of human demise.
But Spirit continues, surrounding us all,
Awaiting patiently;
And then one day, a child is born,
Wondering eyes and smile adorn,
With baby rattle and warm creamed corn,
The Spirit returns to be free...